Was i right Xi and you were wrong???

i wrote on 7 roses you will have to go to war and you said no i will take tai. wn diplomaticlly... i (xi)will activate all spy network put a presure on all fronts and they will wote for my pro china candinate 

well, did not happened did it ? you see xi i know the future, you will go to war to get tai. wn  and kim will go to war to get south korea 

1 korea front 

2 china front 

3 nort front levanon

4hamas front 

5 syria front

6 west bank front

(by the way with a abd.. in aman is he still a life _there are palestinians like milions and nobody killed him yet revolution us base in palestinian teritory under this bitch __!!! all his mansons and money are in dom sion london uk -just like lavrov) and us in california a manson for 60 mil dollars this is zionist bitch , if hamas will put a price 1 mil on his head those milions palestinians will kill him cause he is not representing palestinians but zionist hexagram cia pentagon shitholes synAGOG SATAN ,he is bitch with shit in his mouth with reptile wife



9 red sea front 

10 iran front  hormus

11 iraq front

12 north africa front

i want to see rothshield soros hexagram us synaGOG of stn and all his partners and alliance totaly destroy and we all together will stretch all their forces and naval fleet  already runing from red sea to mediterranean sea and back and back again 


first 7 days are gone today ,there is another 14- 7plus 7 days until 27 jan.




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