it is here, there is a huge war coming within 2 months on iran , so what is there for roša ?i would say to gain back all the east including czech republic cratia serbia slovenia ("for now")

is better negotiate and recevie , then go to nuke war against us and israel just because  of muslim state iran !

but for now stay ready Roša Army  because for sure , there is a war coming ,be smart and listen to me ,PREPARE S 400 why?(cause there are milions of slovans living  in west including russians!!!,CAUSE  europe doesnt have any anti missile system ,so roša CAN intercept  a lot of missiles coming from iran toward eu and save a lot of cities cause iran will use bio weapons  as a revenge for war on iran, they will do it for sure!!!! they will hit west VERY HARD !!!cause west eu  is part of nato , do not go to war against us and israel, it is tactic ,that wins and wisdom that you need to have now and army of EL ŠADAJ  WILL WIN  total war  DO NOT WORRY 


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