bill gates reptilian

read the comments of the truth many years ago !!!because reptilians are everywhere in the goverments ,celebrities , hollywood , they control all pharma bussiness and they will inject you with reptilian snake dna and that will start this year 5781 which start in 17 march 2021 within 4 months everything else is just a theather for humans, they want to totally  destroy the human dna that is the reality i told you its coming ,now it is here whey will come  from underground and kill torture ,rape and drink your blood ,that is all they will do you will  they are ready for the enslavement of the humans dont you get it???? adolf hitler reptilian shapeshifter remember what he and other reptilians did to the humans !!!!!     pravdu hledej v zrcadle petr kellner  0,4-0,5 sec. THE TRUTH IS IN THE MIRROR 0,4 SEC -0,5SEC I UNDERSTAND   WHY HIDING  AND NOT GIVING ANY INTERWIEV IT COULD HAPPEN ON THAT interwiev THAT   HOLOGRAM  WOULD FAIL .... AND PEOPLE WOULD SEE THE REAL FACE VERY UGLY VERY UGLY 

I HAVE BAD NEWS FOR YOU FUCKING REPTILIANS THE ANGELS OF HAKADOŠ EL ŠADAJ WITH IS SON AS SAR CVA  will soon very soon totally destroy you i giv YOU  departure notice ALL SHIT HOLES reptilians get out of the kingdom of east take your saky paky and get FUCK out to wes

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