anthony Blinken homosexual  sec of state a jew

victoria nuland a jew 

david cohen deputy CIA a jew

Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence jew

Ronald Klain, Chief of Staff jew

Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security jew

Anne Neuberger, National Security Agency cybersecurity director jew

Wendy Sherman, deputy secretary of state jew

Janet Yellen, Treasury secretary jew

zelensky  jew

those satanic kaballah jews are masterminds behind war against slovans they want to kill and slave SLOVANS  a putin kaballah jew is one of them in the sections of duma there are many jews and "barzel kaballah jew and putin is trying to decieve everyone to destroy russia he is a fucking reptilian direct spring of satan kaballah is satan word 

he putin activated kaballah jew prigožin to destroy army and replace generals he putin is gang with those other kaballah jews !!!!!!!!

he end up just like he best body prigožin 

these jews are killing financing lounching coups and wars 

monarch ABEL


"Why, sir, did he not exactly obey the command of the archangel Michael?" said Abel humbly to His Majesty. "Neither kings nor nations can change the will of  G-D... I see your untimely tomb in your eyes, blessed monarch. And the residence of your descendants, as you think it will not ... The fate of the Russian state has been in prayer, revelation to me of three evil ihovahs: the Tatar, the Polish, and the coming increasingly Jewish * ...What Holy Russia under the yoke of the Jew? Emperor Pavel Petrovich frowned angrily. - Empty chat, black-nun ...Where are the Tatars, Your Imperial Majesty? Where are the Poles? And with the yoke of the Jew the same thing will happen. Don't be sad, Father, King, Christ, the murderers will wear...

The Frenchman will burn Moscow with him, and he will take Paris from him and be called blessed. But secret grief will become unbearable to him, and the crown of the Tsars will seem to him. The exercise of the Tsar's service will be replaced by the exercise of fasting and prayer. He will be righteous in the sight of G-d, he will be the white monk of the world. I have seen the star of the great holy G-d over the Russian land. It burns, inflamed. This ascetic will transform the whole destiny of Alexandrov... *

lood and tears feed on the raw earth. Rivers of blood will flow. Brother to brother shall come forth. And the packages: fire, the sword, the invasion of foreigners, and the enemy within, the power of the Jews. And there is death here and nowhere to run. Smoke of fire and ashes, all living things roll. A dead desert all around. Not at all around. Not a single human soul, not a single animal beast. Neither tree nor grass grow nor... And the Jew devours the Russian land (lenin was a kaballah jew!!!!! soviet goverment was va 80% of kaballah satan jews)

. And the Jew will devour the land of Russia with scorpions, * rob the shrines, shut down the Church of G-d, execute the best Russian people. This is God's allowance, the wrath of the G-d for the abdication of Russia by His anointed! And then there will be more! The angel of the Lord pours out new bowls of calamity for the people to turn to.

Two wars, one more bitter than the other. The new Batu in the West raises his hand. The people between fire and flame... But they will not be wiped off the face of the earth, it is believed that the prayer of the tortured king dominates it!

Is this already the death of the Russian state, and there is no and there is no salvation? - asked Emperor Pavel Petrovich.

Impossible to the people, possible to G-d, - Abel replied: - G-d hesitates to help, but it is said that He will give it soon and will raise the horn of salvation for the Russian. And the white  Priest,who is for the sons of his people(slovan), will rise in exile from your kind. This one will be G-d's chosen and His blessing on his head. (Nazir)He will be one and understandable to all, the very heart of the Russian will consider him. His appearance will be sovereign and clear, and no one will say, "The King is here or there," but all*, "This is He." The will of the people will submit to the mercy of G-d, and He Himself will confirm His calling ... His name is three destined for the history of Russia.

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