ze lo jisrael !!!

jerušalom gay pride ,ze kadoš jisrael ?????!!!!!!



1žádný glbQt in the land of Avraham Jicchak Jakov 

2. no mosquees no islam

3. no statues no vatican 

4. no reptilians

5. no rabi children sacrifice 

6.must be 12 tribe of jisrael doing tešua and live according torah 

7borders from see to frat to jorden down nil in micrajim and par of saudi today it is own by islam ř countries saudi jordan egypt lebanon syria it can not be like this !!!!!

so today there is no jisrael and there is no kadoš am ze sedoma gemora pagans with 70%population is islamic ,ze kadoš jisraewl ????!!!! lo ,ze lo jisrael !!!!!NO IT IS NO JISRAEL


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