satan want to change with the vaccine the human code our dna that say eternal JAH with in us !!!

so satan want to basiclly  remove   creator code and replace it with his satanic  dna code ,what  that meansis that  that anyone who  will take the satan vaccine,will be come satan dna replica and loose the eternal life that is the truth plan of satan now and here !!!!!

the bokk of revelation very specificlly talk about that in chapter 14 ,that who takes the number 666 ,will be tourched in fire lake forever and never that will change ,we are in the end of time when satan army will be cast down and they will chip the humans and vacinne them !!!!

the humans will change into "zombie" and can never be in the eternal kingdom of EL ŠADAJ WHO IS ARE TRUE CREATOR 

Projekt "AUTOBUS"


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