satanic hindu asholle šiva trans bitch in us congress

Hinduism Is An EXTREMELY DEMONIC Religion - YouTube

Yoga means being yoked with Hindu “god” (demon) - YouTube

'You're Opening Demonic Doors': Ex-Psychic's Warning About Yoga - YouTube

that is the truth 

peace of shit šiva trans  is front of cern 

Horror-Hinrichtung aus Spaß - Vermummte am CERN - YouTube


Buddhism is Satanic - Exposing False Religions - YouTube

budhismus a hindu have swastika it is origin comes from budhism a hindu so the nazi are budhists and hidu because they worship devil budha šiva reptiliantrans bitch who is nobody cause budhašiva is shit nothing bitch 

cern is of course satan and šiva is only satan nothing bitch nobody trans with 4 hands i guess so he can masturbate 4 others reptilians as he is homo transexual  at a same time and that is hindu satanic worship namaste shitholes

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