lets help houthis and sink all us coalition in red sea and give a credit to them we have no  visible best sub marines in the world nobody can detect and it is a time to make šure that all systems of usa and it coalition will be no functional 

good job on that cyber attack in kyjev(no it was not us) you know when you are inside the idf systems or cia or pentagon or japan you can always give a key to these systems nort korea china iran and it that case .......they can do the rest 

if anybody think that changing codes will help, then let me remind you we are in 24/7 it will not help you to change the codes even if you change them all the time it wont help 

kaballah zion jews are directlly responsiblle for many genocides like laos vietnam  iraq palestine .....and 3 times genocide lenin hitler and zelensky a jews !!!!! on slovans we dont forget and now we will provide all iran needs ,and if salman or zayed been promised something else it just been canceled !!!!!

we will decide and decide to give a huge power to iran you will see after all they have nukes hypersonic systems missiles and will recieve the keys to all systems 

just remember mahdi ,we slovans josef are not responsiblle for genocide of palestine or iraq muslim woman and children - the so called  jews (but they are synagog of satan moloch) are  .......

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