So there are a usa flotila based in mediterian .....and in gaza there is genocide well, what about multipolar world medvedev  and xi because wright now ,all the countries brics and all countries which you brics back militarly ...are looking and see nothing

1 option you get in and there is ww3 confortation 

2 option all the countries will see that  russia and china and muslim states and north korea are only slaves of usa and empty  talkers ,but no actions 

usa will smile at russia and china and iran and north korea and turkey and iran and all muslim world and africa BRICS and if you do not move militarly against us  (and save the gaza )then us  will become ultimate superpower and everyone will say all usa have to do is to send some planes and ships and subs and china and russia and north korea and iran (which is next on the sionist kabaallah list with syria)will shit their pants then it is all over for multipolar world !!!!

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