I told you after 6.10 which was jom aceret the last day after sukot will be war on 7.10 WILL BE WAR hagadol hamilchama ,and here we are ,i wrote many months ago that hamas and iran syria iraq ... will shoot thousands rockets at same time and saturaded anti missile system DOM so now they know they lounch 5000 rocket saturaded  DOM and then from syria iraq iran levanon they lounch missiless on nuke facilities airfields and and othe military important sides.... (they have much more missiles then you anti missiles so at one point DOM will empty and there will be no more anti missiles munition just like in ukr.)  so if you david barnea would listen ,what i wrote you would be prepared ,but you and mosad didnt and now will hapen what i wrote you about 5 book moše 28 chapter......  is starting to happen, the islam will unite and there will be a huge army on its way to jerušalom they will capture it and kill and rape everybody the rest will be taking as slaves and that army will continue as jihad to eu and i know that, and as i told you and wrote many times on sevenroses the west will beg russia ROŠA to save the eu because that islam army will a hugw milions and milions you will see you will beg josef slovan nazir jisrael kureš for protection and food grain and water  you have no idea what is coming

  guarantee you it will hapen !!!!!!

they islam will have no mercy the islam will cut people knecks ......

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