this is my take medvedev naruškyn: the nation that build a mosques houses of satan (putin says that koran is holyfucking reptiliam )who gives a building permition who support islam and at the same time croses 100 times (say he is christian) a day has to pay the price for worshiping allah satan and therefore moscow will be nuked and it is rightfull judgment !!!!!

if in 1917 the russians would not kill the czar and forgot in minutes jahušua and started worshiping satan lenin  and build a monuments for him  while burn churches

czar would live people would pray, czar would put a huge army on poland and czech border and russians woul not die (30 milions another 10milion killed stalin-so 40 milion would live!!!!! )and they would not eat their sons and mothers in stalingrad that was a rightfull judgment upon that stupid nation that reject the father the son and the 7 holy spirits and they paid a price half of russians dead and they we eating their sons!!!!!!it was a will of jahušua as a revenge !!!!!

this time not only that that nation reject a jahušua but they 89% worship putin the direct satan seed a reptilian shithole and plus they build support promote and make it official religion in russia -islam and budhismus and hindu ..... so this time you will be wipe out totally and then when all this shitholes duma naruškyn bortnikov  and all others are going to be dead all moscow in nuke attack and all nation destroy ,then russia will become blessed after this judgment and we will win so all fsb and gru and russian army generals when some of you will survive do not worry russia will not loose we will win only when having blessing from heaven and that is after total destruction of russia then you will see army of el šadaj 

this russian nation worship satan all...ah budha šiva and putin his(satan) son direct seed and a judgment of jahušua will come for sure and i agree moscow for its sins has to be nuked as it was totaly destroy by nazi and that was also jahušua judgment 

nobody can change that they are cursed duma heads of fsb gru ...their families are cursed their sons and doughters they all are going to fire lake to be burn with satan and putin forever for serving him this what just happened was a start you will shit your pands when you will see the finnish they kremlin the elites are all dead illuminaties freemasons they alli worship - g mother fucker archicekt-satan he is nobody mi bitch - kremlin they worship satan but satan is my bitch reptiliantransvestit wit big tits and his shithole putin son fuck him and all kremlin who work for him

moscow will be nuke and nobody can change that upon moscow is the highest curse 

no kabaallah nowoodoo no reptilians shitholes no satan no budha no nobody can change the these mother fuckers all kremlin promte budha šiva allah -satan they all dead 

the west has no respect to russia but very soon it will change after moscow nuke attack 

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