so i wrote many many (6) months ago ,(naryškinr šojgu you can check exactly date)that idf has a big problem cause they do not have a  HANGAR to protect thneir  planes ...and gave iran as example of thinking ahead because iran has all drones rockets and planes underground protected against any attack they are smart ::::::,hoping that somenoe from a Ministry of defence of Russian federation who are monitoring this side would think and say do we have a protection against rockets and drones ?????????against our planes ???!!!

well i guess what ever i write it will happen ,if you would listen many months ago what i wrote and bulid a hangars for the planes ,you woud save bilions of dollars , and remember šojgu naryškin gerasimov i write the truth so if you did not listen what i wrote and you did not build underground or hangars by now all your planes  šojgu will be destroy without a combat on the airport ,because you did not listen !!! 

zelensky they have only one chance and that is to take black case and deliver him to moscow and that is it ,if they can blow the airport full of planes they can blow a moscow in nuklear attack ,and thing is,is  moscow bllesed or curse because iof moscow is cursed for sacrifice children chldren trafficing reptilian eye in kremlin reptilian putin in kremlin duma who steeled bilions from slovan nation stalin who from moscow gave orders to kill 5 milion ukrajians in 1930c,  EL ŠADAJ is rightness he doesnt side any city and i can tell you naryškin that any city where are  reptilians that is satan zera (race) will be destroyed!!!!!inthat case you will be not able to stop zelensky from making a nuk.attack on moscow 

so what then ,putin dead duma dead top fsb dead, generals will be in rostov  they survive and the rossia will be ruled by army because ,who you going to attack after that šojgu ,nobody know who did it it is a same think if tommorow there are 12 nuklear attacks in 12 major cities in EU who is going to be blamed ???

maybe it was al kaida maybe not who did it  that is the power of nulear cases .................

ok i wrote and i meant it one day i wrote that i am wiling if the wagner woud fight against french and ecowas power over france and you šojgu you know what i mean ,next day you shot him down well fine your decision šojgu, but remember you do not control hi tech and you do not control the power over all Eu 

now šojgu, this is a reality in 2 weeks there will be very little of the ukr army after all they have 10.000 solders in robotyne and if you will be able to stop them and make a contra they will have to use another 10.000 solders to stop ofensive in robotyne so 20.000 solders in one place 

zelensky -total mobilization of they say 500.000 solders i would say 1.000.000 they can not get it ,but even if they get a 200.000 solders they have to train them and that will take 4 months at least NEXT 4 MONTHS THERE IS NO UKR ARMY ,so there is 4 months of gap (OF NON UKR ARMY )for russian offensive but ,i am right, i wrote you 3 years ago nato will circle roša and it is hapening sweden finland know there is only one chance and that is mobilization as i wrote 5.000.000 man and total war because šojgu they will do attacks from all the balcan finland baltic states as yesterday and every day ...

if you šojgu freeze the conflict and will not start offensive after winter there will be another ready 200.000ukr  + solders+ nato baltic attacks attacks from rumunia bulgaria  they will never stop to try to destroy roša!!!...... i wrote you 3 years ago roša does not have any other option but to go all the way to lisabon ?that is the destiny of slovans 

now medvedev this is for you and for bortnikov on 18.8 bolt flesh from heaven ELŠadaj hakadoš jah abba  targeted illuminte eye in triangel satanic symbol same as you have in kremlin !!! itis not the el šadaj eye it is freemason illuminatee eye of horus symbol they have on their tempels !!

now the bolt from heaven took out that reptilian eye and that eye took out the gold sword from Vaclav the king of czech , that means that it is a time for huge war and finish of kremlin under total l reptilian freemason  kaba allah , you can not stop it 

the roša will be rule by human white king nazir  that i can promise you not by triangle reptilian in kremlin !!!!it is over 

now as far as swastika nazi symbol its not nazi means in hebrew despise cause reptilians despise father and his son now 33milion hindu gods is 33% of all angels fallen satan angels and swastika hakový kříž is on the head and heart of budha -satan

so hitler was a thule satanic reptilian secret vsociety they knew the meaning swastika -satan worship and hitler used it to promote satanic worship symbol and more today many people worship budha and hindu by yoga  


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