well done .i am very happy the deal is great !!!!

We have now enought  munition till lisabon milions and milions and milions ......more then we need to walk thrue all eu to lisabon 

if uka will get to the first line ,because a war is dynamic we can  build another extra fortification line and after 1st line and we put milion mines that we have so afher uka army will clear in heavy loses first mine field and get thru that (first line)they find out there is another mine field again that they have to star again in heavy loses so we can build in actual front where is the most uka army (and advancing) step back and mine all the fields again  another words ,when we see a lot of tanks and armed cars and a huge collum of uka army field where they will be attacking we build an extra fortification and put another lines of milion mines 

the north front and other fronts will start after jom terua which is according Chanoch calendar 15.9 ......-....on 7.10. which is after jom aceret  7.10.

we have milions of mines and 1000+ hypersonic nuclear weapons but most important is that even if tommorow we lounch EMP and destroy all chips and sensitive cables the black cases are very well protected still working after solar tsunami or EMP nuclear attack so do not worry we will win against nato satanic reptilian army i promise you that we slovans josef are and will be the most powerfull nation 

Projekt "AUTOBUS"


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