did not i wrote you that ukrajina will be defeated and the roša can not loose 

now fron prospective  of this war that is small picture as far as big picture as i wrote many years ago roša will be circuled by nato nukes 

findland yes i was wright sweden poland czech rep. romania and they will deploy the nukes to ukr  moscow will be nuked ,

300 bilions will be go to  to ukr(they pass the law !!i wrote you that many months ago !)  it does not matter if the best army in the world(slovan roša) can take a small city or country land it matters a big picture unless we take down rothshild we can not win and to take down rothshild the us has be in total chaos economicly and military broke and that is only possiblle when roša china iran  venezuela alžir niger and north korea create a many fronts and (civil wars in eu by giving a islam populations a huge amount of weapons )  there will be no oilcoming from saudi and uae that is only option and future reality then when oil will be sold ind juan and rubel then us will be defeated and they will not sposor any war but now ukrajina has 5 times more money to spend then roša and can buy what ever they want even nuke

1.cuting cables pipelines oil production same as in ukrajina has to happend in all eu and take down haarp 

so it is very critical that with out war there will be no new world order roša (all europe) china  north korea all asia iran (middle east) roša and china all africa in respect of all african nations so 5 fronts

but rothshild thinks the same ,nuke moscow no moscow no help for china no moscow no africa resistance ...attack iran ,because no iran no weapons for proxies no iran no lebanon and syria resistance and suny islam will listen and then after that ,attack north korea and china that is a plan of hexagram rothshild 

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