very close we are watching a new front in  africa ,you know nostradamus confirmed what i am telling from the Bible that west EU will be burn and hit by african army with bio and chemical weapons and nukes and paris will be burn  ,and we watch the start of that front against france and italy and spain 

to have army without nuclear weapon is having no army ,but to not have army but to have nulear weapon is the power ,i think Kim and wagner understand this 

to have a control over paris and munich  roma is to having control of the EU to have a control over london a zurrich is to having control over finance sector.

anyway as soon as wagner start a war against coalition with france special forces against niger mali burkina faso  and most important algeria the families of all algerian and africans  living in france milions will go to war against france inside of france and burn a france from inside i believe that there are already many weapons that can be givin to the algerians and africans  inside a france cities ,

as far as wagner there is nothing more impotant that be patriot and do not get imotional but be strong mentally to forgive and forget the mistakes.....  for mother roša (because cwe are in war!!!),we decide there is a time in the case of war bettwen wagner and france special forces to give a wagner a" tool "it wont be for free is the best "investment" that wagner can do to win against france ( to make sure that wagner can use it in the war )

so ,jevgenij prigožin you  know where to find me ,......i am ready to give you a power against france 

as far as ukraian front no need to rush get ready submarines with a hypersonic missiles and army of drones navy ships with hyper nukes S 550..laser ....hi tech  and of course north korea 150.000 solders 

the african army  then will attack to the east and north ........................



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