here is a deal 

only reason polish president and prime minister of poland and czech prime minister and all 3 heads of the3 diffrent czech spy services with him went to white house and cia and pentagon is secretlly agreeing to deploy nuclear weapons into poland and czech republic 

now the plan of nato is to let a russian army to think they are winnig for every village and small city that russian army take over they nato smuggle nukes into close range as  i wrote 5 years ago russia will be circled by nukes 








so do not listen generals kremli fuck kremlin these shitholes are afraid of their owb shadow want to have a good life they serve shithole reptilian putin who does not have any respect in west as matter of fact he is wanted by icc president of superpower is wanted -joke

so where is a respect to russia ???they would never do this to kim becausev they know he is crazy enough to nuke all world but putin duma kremli bortnikov medvedev -a joke 

by the way all they need is to nuke moscow at least that is what they thing they complete a quantum comp and then they will get into the russian systems so while russian army take a robotine they take all russia and those 10 villages will have not matter 

same thing they do with china building bases and arming secretlly thai wan and phili with nukes  ,

and iran well ,at some point will give hexagram czech mate by giving lebanon hezba nukes and iraq and syria and jemenies so iran needs 7 more nukes but kim will give in" 48 hours "

so now tell me big shots minister šojgu that never went to army what is the strategy ,i forgot you dont have one ,that is when moscow is nuked i will take over soon and reptilian putin and all who serve him ( all moscow) will be dead and they all deserved because serve satan his  direct seed is automatic fire lake(hell) and death 

you will see 

Projekt "AUTOBUS"


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