bennet wanted absolute power what does it means?? does he thinks, that that is to send g k.  to beg the beast on his knees to help to fight iran ,or does bennet has technologies to shut down nuclear facilities and make mistery" accidents or does it means that bennet has the šaar, another words that planes idf would fly in micro in iran and in micro back ,no ,he doesnot!!!! so what kind of power bennet talking about because i see no power against iran first issue theses days ,they iran  elect hard liner and fanatic as president they in months will have  a nuke and they can than decide if they launch or make black cases as a dirty bombs and smugle it into land of Avraham jicchak Jisrael so  when a new budget will be k.n." i would "  use the all "info" to make sure that it will no pass ......2 spots will be filled with 2 voices that switched and third one is former mossad....then you might get the šaar otherwise no!!!!that is how i would think and do 

so what kind of power bennet has,yamina means left  i was thinking it means right or not???bennet make deal with raam mens ra bad am people and  under bennet after CME and pole schift  you loose some tech. and war planes and not you !!!but iran and all muslims will attack full force  you will see .,trade its own voters is no beseder !!!!no respect for those who make deals wit muslims and now raam decide what the knessst will pass muslims under bennet are running the country, the muslims are laughsing !!!!!!they own knesste what a joke!!!

thing twice mossad what is important for the country, because bennet is one person but there are 7milion people ,its the future of all of mossad!!!! and all people on the line ,the ones who sacrafice their lifes for the security and now they see berit with raam !!!!!

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