here is my take on the situation 

Iran Strikes Back At Israel | Hundreds Of Missiles And Drones. Military Summary For 2024.04.14 - YouTube

nobody expected drones to penetrate the airspace of the idf ,iran just make a fire work " that is all, it  was a military victory for iran why ?

iran now knows the timing and conditions and can coordinate its future attack based on miliatary info that got from this attack now, 5-10 missiles penetrate the all defence systems imagine that jordan (cia bitch did not i tell you?) uk usa and idf 4 diffrent defence systems plus planes  and still some ballistic missiles penetrate the all of them wht if there will be nuke next?

more importantiran did not used any of its invisible missiles and hypersonic missiles and nukes and iran is making every day more and more nukes plus it showed what i wrote even after this direct attak from teheran on hexagram  no  help from us to attack iran directly iran just became the number one superpower in mid . east 

as i said next time iran knows that they need to wipe out  jordan bitch abddua to have a free way and shoot all this misiles while knowing now exact time and all info they need it to know 

plus lebanon has 200.000 missiles as well syria  irak..... roša nukes in subs and list goes on jemenies......hypersonic nukes from iran .....

idf also lost in gaza as i wrote they would killed 8.000 hamas well that is only 15-20% wright you lost idf 

no future attack on iran and iran knows that us will not help you nobody will el šadaj will use iran and its partners for another šoa because that is a will of el šadaj hexagram is moloch star rothshild saturn satan that is the truth and i i said if satan is so strong let him come to josefov i am there almoust every day !!!!he ismy bitch reptilian trans allah shithole


for sure tel aviv and demona ...........................

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