what if iran already is having some enriched uranium ,now they are trying to slow the negotiations playing their part , to enriche more uranium and then after 3-4months they will sign great  deal, where they get bilions back, then they will invite inspectors to verify that they do not have any enriched uranium, then they use it in land of Avraham Jicchak Jaakov and no suspicions on iran , because they will have international proof that iran is clean from inspectors!!!IAEA , at least that is what i would do...... so barnea kochavi take this plan into account ,because if that is direction that iran is going and i would no be suprise that would be a huge f..k up  to land of Jisrael !!!!!

Us  will not help, there is going to be a huge war on Josef-slovans and on China ,the NATO will have use 2 fronts a split the army but Roša is very strong -slovans -josef is the strongest nation on the earth with a best tech . that no one has !!!!!

there  operation chošech  on the usand nato 

jinak v "baráku" už jsou usazeni u "sousedů" assassins, kteří čekají na vhodnou příležitost ,že mě ...... .

jinak děkuji Vám všem  za to, že mě sledujete  i barák i tel ....... i ..atd  šalom be jerušalom šalom be kol Jisrael 

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