famoust picture of african child dying while a wolture watch - Bing images watch carefully berore you cry about ukrajina you piece of shit fiala and send to africa  bilions

pavel fiala did you send a bilions of euros to the africa so that every day dont die 5 children under age 5 die every minute in the African Region | WHO | Regional Office for Africa

did _ so if not why did you send 100 bilion krons to ukraina did you send a plane to the children in africa who were dying no ? so why did you send a plane for coce head zelensky you piece of shit fiala 

and you pavel you think you organize a food meeting for african diplomats and you think they switch a side you are so stupid but that is good to know because you were one of the head that nazi nato and i am in total nuclear war against nato and be sure that i will win destroy the west 

everybody have to understand that these photos of dying children are in every family in africa  in their blood and soul they know that west inslave them they just waited for slovans to support them and wagner will lead them to west eu and france that is my wish 

as far as those military bases in niger cut the elektricity cut the signal mine all round of these military of french and us bases so they will blow when they will try to escape and cut food and any other suply they will be with out anything and use the pump to pump their shit back to the water that suply these military bases ofrench and us ,if they choose to stay they die out of hunger just like milions of african children because of west us france and other kill them all ,cut their heads and put in front of their embassyes so everybody will see it ,  i mean it, i would do it in the second because frnch and us are in war with us 

i can promise you that milions of africans can not wait to kill everybody in west eu and they will get a chance to do it...... give them weapons suply inteligence info and wmd all weapons in france spain and italy 

listen africa is so rich and yet they are dying in milions why ,_the west takes all for almost free pay corupt goverments their puppets while  mothers can not even milk their babyes because there is shortage of water i am telling you west we will kill you all for this time for payback 

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