as THE KOS  say ,the goverments will be replace by kings -new rulers- the beast satan on side of  the west killing raping torturing eating humans -THE REPTILIAN KING much worse then reptilian king hitler you have no idea what is coming!!!!, and the humble and truthfull AND CEDEK  king KRŠ LVN BEN JOSEF NZR on the east, THAT KING WILL be in power OF EL ŠADAJ RULING Over reptilians  , THERE WILL BE NO BILIONAIRES IN that  KINGDOM EVERYONE WILL BE EQUAL TO EATCH OTHER AND EVERYONE WILL OBEY LAW OF THE EHJE JAHušua   that he THE BEN EL ŠADAJ  gave ON HAR CHOREB TO MOŠE ,PEOPLE WILL HAVE TRUTH IN THEIR HEARTS AND FROM THAT TRUTH WILL  be wisdom and ALL PEOPLE WILL BE FREE IN THE TRUTH AND WISDOM  IN KINGDOM OF EAST IN THE NAME JAHUŠUA BEN ELŠADAJ SAR CVA JAH HAKADOŠ EL JISRAEL 

pak "Konjunkce Jupitera a Saturnu v prvním stupni znamení Vodnáře nastane přesně 21. 12. 2020 v 19:20. 

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