what happened, still the same patent made by usa, implicated so many times before by usa ,usa last year pressesed down Venezuela financially , bloked the shipments of medical suplies etc. Venezuela gold accounts .... demonise Maduro regime and finally and openly without election pointed their bitch Guaidó to be the "official president "so they can get the oil from Venezuela state to their private USA sector hands
Now we see eu being very supportive of usa of course , eu is usa collony with pompeo saying you with us or against us, giving the signal to eu do what usa want.
I had a great dialog with the ambasador of Venezuela some time ago, out of ambassy so cia could not listen( of course),and we both had common understandig of the situation that is going on..
Maduro is very calm ,because he has a cases with the nuke material in nort america and eu ,so in case of usa intervention he will use it of course (who would not ), and that would be the end of eu and north america with the start of the 3 world war with bilions deads.
but to be very clear 3 world nuclear war will be never control by the reptilians or illuminaties ,that i marcel levin can tell you for sure and tall reptilian bellow the earth know that !!!!!
Now Where is China ,with investments tens of bilions dollars to Venezuela has 2 options :
became a slaves and usa colony by accepting usa policy toward Venezela, loose their all investments,
war ,where the super computer will control who will be totally destroyed and who will dominate the world
i will leave it up to China to decide their destiny :.......
but for sure usa will attack China soon , if China will not surrender to usa
best defense is always offensive

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