se what if its been reverse, what if there is allready a device ready and its just waiting for 98% been done,(in that case pesach to šavuot they would have it ready ) what about their second option and that is a dirty bomb(aviv ready) and third ,what about export impotr bomb from third party(now ready)

now the antimatter never been test it on earth  i have no idea how big of impact it would have comparing to the plutonium , plus they all have it bellow ground while the power of antimatter goes wider (guess?) now in that case the question is how far .....1000 km half of continent, to use antimatter is possible but  i would believe that that would be one of the last options again never been tested no data no prove ................

now, of course i do not want to come back  to the JISRAEL that been hit by any nuke(  no matter whi live there and who run it now)  and you all know that, so i will allways protect at any cost against anybody who would like to destroy or help destroy the land of avraham jicchak jisrael, anybody !!!!!!

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