i told you, now the trans....harris will take the office and obama will be the vice ,as i wrote months ago they just made transexuals  "official" !, then iran and us will attack ..........................hagadol milchama 

us is not a friend us is trans nazi state 

one solar flare and there is no systems working ,that means 2,5 bilion muslims against 3 mil ,cause there are 7 mil eco migrants that will run , with 3 mil muslims in gaza and 5 mil muslims in the state :"bravo ".and you call that jisrael with saturn hexagram flag????? man against man and remember, trans harris and obama will protect the muslim interest ,one solar flare and it will create a  big shift in war tactic ,  they will poison wate blocade the food supply so  you need  an extra secure water bor  food ...a lot of food ..... no water and food no army .... simulate ground war because you wont be able use the tech .

that is my advice.......... its coming 

Projekt "AUTOBUS"


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