i always with al my hearth will defene the land of Avrham jicchak jaakov cause it is the kadoš Jerušalom where the hakadoš hadavar elšadaj -el melech jisrael ehje ašer ehje ben el šadaj -jahšua is and always will be ,now there are reptilians in  the jerušalom for now as they are in moscow for very little more  time, but remember i do not want teheran to use nukes in that land ,they produce 20-30 kg of uranium a month if you all think that they will try a years long  proces to make a nuke missle you are wrong (they will make a 7 nuke black cases- dirty bombs-20-30kg of  enriched uranium  and smuggle it inside  )if you think that us will help you ,you are wrong ,you replace bibi and now strong became a begger by lapid and kochavi and bennet you all beg us to help you it is a joke!!!!

bennet come to us havew a 2 minutes meeting with no press or respect from administration cover it by shabbat meal ceremony but muslims are not stupid they know us will back iran and all muslim world ,

as far as bennet you talked or twwet ab out king David 

let me tell you the truth i( marcel levin nazir josef jisrael haadam a human!!)!

1 King David was blessed you as reptilianare (arur ,cursed) 

King David killed a reptilians (pelištim goliah ) the seed of satan  and never begged while you beg( levkeš) everybody!!!!/

King David was a human you are reptilian 

King david will be in the kingdom of el ŠADAJ , you as all reptilians will be in šeol fire lake with satan burn, and all who serve to you and all reptilians- duma lavrov šojgu kačinsky babiš zeman matovič čaputova ..and the list goes on, all of you!!!! no chance to change that satan is nothing nothing zero nana peace of shit has no power if he wolud i would not be writing this 


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