this attack in roreign country on civil car in front of the international airport  is terorist attck- on inocent people do not forget there were orhers casualties ,


now ,the "personel" in the Iran embassy ,where i was 7+ years ago , we had very interesting dialog  ,that dialog became ........ reality a time is here  , and more importantlly ,what is been writen on the paper became very important key.this been written ...

the heart of eu is working directlly for cia and prime minister is the shit hole of the cia , usa and chief of secret service was trained by the cia 

what to say usa killed  in the last 80 years milions inocent people and used nuclear bombs on civilians and what happend ?nothing, life goes on !!!, you have a right to strike anywhere in the world,you dont have to feel bad, it is your choice ,if you will or not finnish it .....KEY

ali chamenei can start the total war 

its time 


now let me start to approach g.kochavi and let me writte you kochavi your plan,the survival is deppending on 2 issues 

1iron dome

2iron dome 

now lets say that iran put in  40 diffrent  locations 100missles  shahab 3 and you g kochavi  totally depend on the iron dome, if it is shot down for one hour AND YOU WILL BE NOT ABLE TO REPAIR IT , there WOULD BE NO  airports there WOULD BE no F35 there are WOULD BE  no military  strategic locations (missles)and 5 biggest cities will be in dust.

that is with out any casualties on muslim side, cause there will be no muslim  army on border, right after that, with no planes left , half of that nation which holds the passport will run away to eritria somalia and russia georgia ...and with wall open there will be 3 milions palestinians in the cities from west and then muslims tanks and army of milion man will be crossing borders from east and north with no resistance 

now i am humble and put my trust to one and only who is my shepard el ŠADAJ ,

YOU HAVE NO CONTROL of iron dome !!! NOR ANY OF THE REPTILIANS :cohen, netanyahu, bennet ,and list goes on are very pride idf, but with pride there is also fall

so if there is no funstional   iron dome then war  is over 

now make a wild  guess g. kochavi who has the key .....and control it.........





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