Andrej would never be invited to US, if there woudnt be for me .he would never speak with haspel if there wouldnt be for me .

this is how it works trump and others have to listen tall reptilians and they allways have to listen EL ŠADAJ  HAKADOŠ JAH EL JISRAEL WILL BECAUSE HE IS ALMIGHTY.


people ask me why i wanted babiš to be a prime minister it is very simple ,he is the man who g-d is money ,people like that dont think spiritually , they think they buy even ever lasting life in el ŠADAJ KINGDOM and andrej was not ready for the scenario of the NWO , he as prime minister is trying to solve his personal problems with pprosecutors by turning into cia reptilians -those who he thinks  ,that they will save him ,(i knew that), in exchange for the favor -regarding levin.

the reptilians can not do nothing to me that ,but they do not want to anyone to know that ,cause if the humans would know that illuminati reptilians have no power over me then nobody will listen to them!!!!! so they trie to push other contries to go against me , knowing , what will happen to those countries .it is unfortunately that andrej and koudelka decide distraction of all contrie ,but that is sometimes a way  that is . fo centuris bad dicision by kings in wars maded its country wiped out burned and milions dead.

netanyahu as reptilian understand that (HE HAS TO LISTEN AS ALL REPZILIANS !!!)that is why he never in my many visits in jisrael touched me , he knows would would happened AS ALL REPTILIANS KNOW

reptilians they know that the punishment of el šadaj is coming and that he el ŠADAJ  will show the power that humans dont understand and reptilians know of, but they do not want the world know THAT ,cause they do not want humans be saved !!!

andrej AND ALL OF THOSE WHO WORK WITH REPTILIANS   will be burn in the deepest šeol by the el ŠADAJ FOREVER THAT IS FOR SURE.

i can not do anything unless i have a righteous excuse and andrej and koudelka are my excuse in righteousness SOON. HOPEFULLY CAUSE IA AM SICK AND TIRED OF USA who is babel with vatican and mecca !!!!

computer can turn off wall street exchange ,all defence military systems all nuclear power stations and and banking systems , and can start mimissiles ...........some counties know that, that is why they buy so much gold:::::::

so when bolton is making threats to  EU countries and China and Russia regarding support of maduro , china and russia and kim are laughting, cause they know am sure ,that world would be better place with out USA and its reptilian illuminati gangster system that killing milions ,threts ,changing govermants, supporting genocides and list goes on and on 

if there is war with venezuela you will see what will happen!!!!!

let me present you from now on   a super power of the superpowers China  

 dont listen usa ,because you will experience el Šadaj ANGER!!! TRUST ME THE USA IS FINNISH



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