21.12 the date all illuminaties reptilians  waiting for the day they know, that saturn satan allah whatever you want to call that shit will be cast down to earth ,but they forgot that ,if he would have any power, he would rule over humans from begining , and of course i would not be writing to you becouse i would be dead , that how much he hates me cause i know...and iam the truth the koreš lavan jisrael ben josef nazir  so therefore

he has power over people  only because they do  sins , that is his only card,  he give you anything ,but you have to sell your self to him and he knows, that that means ,you are going to  be beside him in the fire lake and your soul just like his will be burn there

there is a movie call great conjuction that was done in 1982 by hollywood of course hollywood is satanic drive all of them sold their soles to allah saturn satan .

here is the link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KHDvZ-pwCQ there is baphomet with hornes and third eye and he is  also she so has big woman breasts

and there is a explanation  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBDezYA68KA

yap the hollywood they know  i know, we šomerim Jisrael we know,

21.12 2020 then 77 days i will be 44. 

for everybody who does not believe i can tell you that  in that time many disasters will happen, eruption of vulcano, fire solar flare from sun the fire  stones ,and big rock will fall into ocean create wawes ,

and saturn allah satan will be cast down, if nothing happens ,then yes i am a false ,if any of those hapens i am the truth

will see ,the two truth full videos to watch very important 






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